Adaptive Cyber Risk Management Software

ARMED™ enables government contractors to manage and maintain cybersecurity through a single comprehensive software

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Gain Complete, Real-Time Visibility Of Your Cybersecurity Program


Conquest Cyber’s proprietary cyber risk management software, ARMED™ allows organizations in highly regulated industries effectively manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts in accordance with industry compliance requirements. This capability enables them to make data-backed decisions based on insights gained from real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service. ARMED™ enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for key stakeholders and technical teams alike.

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ARMED™ Software to help organizations achieve CMMC compliance

Enhance cyber risk management through a single software


Conquest’s comprehensive cyber risk management software, ARMED™ is comprised of several key modules, including:


Establishes an organization’s current cybersecurity state and helps our team determine where your organization needs to be. This solution gives your organization increased transparency, cost-reduction capabilities, and helps you build a more resilient cyber risk program.


Enables the Conquest team to provide detailed visualizations of what’s going on in your environment. The SOC module gives you direct access to reporting, playbooks, communications plans, and categorized escalation to align asset criticality and service levels.

ARMED™ Overwatch

Helps organizations to conduct vendor risk evaluation and management throughout the entire support lifecycle. Overwatch enables comprehensive risk management across the entire attack surface of multi-tiered organizations.

ARMED™ Evaluate

Allows organizations to categorize assets by their level of criticality, and evaluate how available technologies and service solutions address threat scenarios. With Evaluate, organizations can leverage the asset data to address their unique vulnerabilities.

ARMED™ Inspect

Solves CUI, DFARS, DoD CMMC, and other industry-specific compliance requirements in real time with minimal administrative burden. With Inspect you can enable a rapid development of your cyber risk management and compliance maturity.


Helps determine the impact of new technologies and services on operational maturity and compliance so organizations can better evaluate the ROI. The increased clarity ARMS Room provides also helps organizations score against threat profiles and maturity targets.

ARMED™ Adversary Simulation

Aligns general threat scenarios against security controls to determine effectiveness, and identify potential security gaps and vulnerabilities. It tailors the framework to meet the intricacies of your organization.

Achieve Greater Levels of Cybersecurity Compliance


Request an ARMED™ demo to explore the software’s full capabilities with experienced cybersecurity professionals


Implement ARMED™ backed by the 24/7 support of Conquest Cyber’s fully staffed, in-house Security Operations Center


Evaluate your cybersecurity maturity level and identify gaps to meet industry requirements


Strategize with Conquest’s award-winning team of experts on closing gaps in your cyber risk management, allowing your organization to gain the competitive advantage and win high-revenue contracts


Complete a majority of requirements for industry-specific compliance and leverage real-time data to manage and monitor security controls, events, and service levels


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