Cyber Security for

Defense Industrial Base

compliance regulations can be complicated and time-consuming for internal resources.


However, if your company’s cybersecurity maturity level doesn’t meet the standards to win government-level bids, your company could miss out on the revenue those contracts could bring.

The American cyberwarfare combat zone is made up of sixteen critical infrastructure sectors as defined by a federal entity called the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA. These sixteen sectors and the national critical functions are considered “critical” because the annihilation or even the mere disruption of any of them could cause major health, safety, economic, and security problems for us.


Achieve Over 80% Of CMMC Compliance Requirements with ARMED ATK and Managed Security Services.

Conquest leverages advanced analytics technology and industry expertise to help companies achieve CMMC compliance.


Conquest’s proprietary cyber risk management software, ARMED ATK, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to effectively manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts in accordance with industry compliance requirements.

This enables security professionals to make data-backed decisions based on real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service.

ARMED ATK enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for key stakeholders and technical teams alike.

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