Seamless integration between IT Operations, Security Operations, and Enterprise Risk Management.


Strategic Cyber Operations



Conquest’s team of experts brings you a complete and comprehensive suite of services to help you make significant advances to your cyber program, while accelerating your progress towards resiliency.


Threat Intelligence

Our threat intel team discovers the latest vulnerabilities to deliver tailored advisories to our clients. These advisories are specific to their environment and include timelines, levels of severity, advice, and more.

Threat Analysis

All vulnerabilities are cross-checked against the client environment. Based on risk framing exercises, assets are classified into a subsystem and assigned a level of criticality, which allows clients to make risk-informed decisions.

Threat Engineering

The threat engineering team works closely with the threat intelligence team to maintain, update, and create threat detection. They weed out false-positives and give the client ample time to configure mitigation and patch management strategies.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting involves monitoring the latest threats, techniques, tactics, and procedures during incident response in order to provide our clients with all known details of potential compromise and hunt in their environment for those tactics.

IT Operations 

Vulnerability Management

Scheduled scanning (delivery and adhoc), security review, prioritization, and remediation advice. Includes end to end ownership of VM lifecycle and prioritization via dashboard reporting.

Patch Management

Application of software patches to Windows and Linux server. Includes patches to base OS and scoped 3rd party software (i.e., Adobe)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Test the effectiveness of the organization’s Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan using guided walk through, walk-through testing, preparedness testing, or operational testing.


Risk Management


COMPLIANCE provides Real-time compliance status and centralized compliance management capability. Compliance provides a dashboard that alerts when your team needs to address specific gaps in the evidentiary requirements.


DEFEND is your automated cyber posture maturity module where you manage your overall Cybersecurity Program to meet your Target Maturity Profile needs based on NIST-CSF guidelines and your unique Risk Profile.


RISK allows you to identify and automate the management of your organizational risks in accordance with NIST 800-39 and NIST 800-30 to automate the management of your risk profile and provide context that prioritizes day-to-day Security Ops.