Cybersecurity: The New Battlefield

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Critical Infrastructure, Insights

War is no longer fought only on a battlefield. It happens everywhere at any moment in the devices we carry around in our back pockets and on our wrists.

Cybersecurity was unheard of until 50 years ago—years before personal computers became commonplace. Now, with technology everywhere you look – cybersecurity is crucial to our daily lives and the function of our country’s critical infrastructure.

With devastating cyberattacks disrupting even healthcare systems and city power grids, there is no time to delay in ensuring your company and its operations are protected. This can be difficult for smaller businesses who don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated team or even large companies who are struggling to find the qualified talent needed to protect their systems. Hiring a cybersecurity partner can alleviate this struggle, but what should you be looking for?

You need a team that understands the implications of cybersecurity work. We are in the middle of a war after all. There are hackers around the globe who are working to infiltrate our systems to steal our data and disable our infrastructure. Make no mistake – there may not be missiles in the air or bombs going off—this fight is happening in our homes and in our workplaces.

The battle mindset translates to cybersecurity through the values and strategy of your partner. At Conquest Cyber, our special operations values guide our commitments to our partners as we come to work ready to protect their business. What are these values?

Have the DRIVE to protect the operations partner organizations. From transportation to financial services, our country’s infrastructure is dependent on technology. Whether a company is big or small—all are targets of motivated and well-funded hackers who spend their days and nights working to infiltrate our systems.

Never settle for less than EXCELLENCE. Each aspect of our country’s infrastructure is reliant on technology in some way, and even the smallest lapse can cause the system to fall. To ensure they are always at the ready, you should have a team working 24/7/365 to identify threats and respond to potential issues when they happen.

Expect LOYALTY. A cybersecurity partner should do more than work for you; they work alongside you. You should have the upmost confidence in your partner organization as they deal with the most important and integral parts of your business.

The partnership hinges on TEAMWORK. Your cybersecurity partner should do the heavy lifting when it comes to protecting your company. At Conquest Cyber, our platform combines 40 separate software tools to create a comprehensive solution designed for your company. Our dashboard visualization also assists you in managing your cybersecurity program in real-time. Always demonstrate ADAPTABILITY. There is no room for complacency in this constantly evolving field. A benchmark or government regulation should be the bare minimum. After all, when enemies are at work trying to best our security, we must be that much better.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to choosing a cybersecurity partner.

We are already in the midst of a digital war, but it isn’t too late to arm your company with the protection it needs. Band together with a cybersecurity partner to form a special ops unit and fight. Striving to demonstrate drive, excellence, loyalty, teamwork and adaptability, there is no time to delay before getting into the trenches.

Striving to demonstrate drive, excellence, loyalty, teamwork and adaptability, there is no time to delay before getting into the trenches.

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