Operationalize risk with a platform that manages and monitors the entirety of an organization’s cyber risk management program.








Arms Room

The RISK module provides the core basis of an adaptive, risk-based cybersecurity program. The module helps you frame, assess, and remediate risk across your cybersecurity program and visualize your risks.

The SHIELD module is a real-time snapshot of your organization’s critical infrastructure, highlighting vulnerabilities with hardware and software assets, and providing the foundation required to protect your organization from threats before they occur.

The DEFEND module is the home base for your entire cybersecurity strategy. It gives your organization a real-time view of your overall program maturity and means to adapt your target maturity based on your unique risks.

The COMPLIANCE Module helps you visualize and manage your Industry-specific regulatory framework requirements to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your and your client’s sensitive data.

The SECOPS (Security Operations Center) module provides one centralized view of all security alerts and incidents. Threats are organized through a ticketing system, and labeled by time, location, and severity. In case of an incident, the SECOPS module gives you direct access to reporting, response playbooks, and communication plans.

The OVERWATCH module provides third-party risk visualization and management capabilities to assess, onboard, and manage your third-party risk associated with your supply chain, service providers, and subordinate entities.

The ARMS ROOM module lets you compare new technologies and solutions against your organization’s maturity requirements. This tool empowers you to quickly make smart security decisions and justify purchases based on estimated impact and return on investment.

Achieving compliance and target maturity is heavily reliant on evidentiary support. The Evidence module allows you to easily manage your evidence inventory by profiling each piece of evidence with metrics such as review period, approval status, and the associated framework.

ARMED ATK offers curated, downloadable reports on your Risk, Compliance, Maturity, and Security Operations statuses that provide insight for Executive Board reporting, Auditing Requirements, or other reporting requirements.

Critical Alerts


Cost Saving



Consolidate as many as 40 separate software tools into one centralized and fully integrated solution that provides clarity of your Cyber Resiliency Status and drives Risk-informed prioritization of your Cybersecurity Activities.

  • Maximize your Security Team’s time by focusing on the most critical alerts and needs
  • Get real-time visibility of your Compliance, Maturity, and Effectiveness
  • Reduce significant costs in time and resources
  • Maximize your existing resources
  • We operationalize your risk data

Risk-Informed Security Operations

ARMED ATK prioritizes alerting and incident response based on device criticality and event severity

We focus on quantifying risk in order to apply it to decision-making. An effective cyber security program must tie business risk to security operations and the following ARMED ATK modules integrate to do just that:

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Visualize, manage, and report on your organization’s Cyber Maturity Profile. The DEFEND Module provides organizations with automated and integrated means to build, understand, manage and report on the overall cybersecurity posture maturity.

We can confidently file a good score on NIST 800-171 in the SPRS system. I do not have any doubts that if someone were to come in and audit us from the federal government, that we would be able to stand up to what we say we are doing because I know that Conquest Cyber manages that entire environment for us

Corporate and Federal Services Director – Defense Industrial Base

SCyOps Solutions

Leverage Conquest’s expertise in Strategic Cyber Operations Solutions to accelerate your journey towards resiliency.

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Gain added protection, visibility, and control by combining the power of ARMED with Microsoft 365 E5 and Azure Sentinel.

Conquest’s proprietary cyber risk management software, ARMED ATK, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to effectively manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts in accordance with industry compliance requirements.

This enables security professionals to make data-backed decisions based on real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service.

ARMED ATK enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for key stakeholders and technical teams alike.

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