Accelerate Growth in Highly Regulated Industries

We enable companies to achieve security compliance and build resilient cyber risk programs using real-time threat detection and automation tools. 

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Leverage a Managed Security Services Provider's Expertise

Protecting your data and assets is key to modern day business. Increase your cybersecurity posture with our top of the line managed security services.

Backed by extensive industry expertise, Conquest Cyber’s holistic approach to cyber risk management helps organizations in defense, government, healthcare, and financial services:

      • Automate manual cybersecurity processes
      • Identify cyber threats,
      • Evaluate and manage cyber risk
      • Take preventive action
      • Strategize remediation 
      • Maximize use of internal resources

Predict. Prevent. Adapt.

Enhance Digital Resiliency with Cyber Risk Advisory

Our team brings decades of experience in building effective security solutions including comprehensive and adaptive risk management programs for a wide range of industries. Our interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach to managed security and cyber risk advisory eliminates the need for other managed security providers and streamlines digital transformation and compliance efforts while increasing resilience to cyber threats.

Conquest Cyber - Cyber Risk Management

Industries We Serve

Secure the sensitive and heavily regulated nature of data in the financial and insurance sector and protect yourself and your customers.
Working with the department of defense and other federal and government institutions requires utmost compliance with legal standards, requirements, and best practices. We can guide you.
We provide enterprise-level security consulting for organizations working on critical infrastructure for government and public entities that have strict regulatory procedures.
Comply and secure sensitive information for services and goods produced for federal institutions that demand compliance and legal certifications.

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Your Cybersecurity Maturity

Identify potential threats, remediation strategies, and preventative measures with ARMED, Conquest Cyber’s proprietary cyber risk management software. Through ARMED.™, gain real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service.

Conquest Cyber - Cyber Risk Management

Secure your digital transformation today.

Gain the competitive edge in cyber space.