Conquest Cyber is an elite team of cyber special operators working shoulder to shoulder with critical sector technologists as they stand on the frontline of freedom.

A single, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor the entirety of your cyber risk management program with real-time visibility of your cyber posture.


Leverage Conquest expertise in Strategic Cyber Operations (SCyOps) Solutions to accelerate your journey towards resiliency.


Engage with Conquest’s tactical expertise in design, architecture, implementation, and migration of security and foundational technology initiatives to jump start your pathway to excellence in digital transformation.

Achieve Compliance Faster
Strengthen Security & Real-Time Visibility

Reduce Costs in Time and Resources

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Consolidate as many as 40 separate software tools into one, centralized solution!

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The American cyberwarfare combat zone is made up of sixteen critical infrastructure sectors as defined by a federal entity called the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA. These sixteen sectors and the national critical functions are considered “critical” because the annihilation or even the mere disruption of any of them could cause major health, safety, economic, and security problems for us.

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

Partner of the Year

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Gain added protection, visibility, and control by combining the power of ARMED with Microsoft 365 E5 and Azure Sentinel.

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The ARMED ATK platform and SCYOPS solutions deliver unified cyber resiliency management capabilities. These capabilities negate risk and provide business leadership with context, transparency, and a map from risk to operations.