The DIB Has a New Resource to Stop Cyber Attacks and Simplify Compliance

1st Quadrant Services, LLC unlocks the expertise of AECOM and Conquest Cyber

MIRAMAR, FL — Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors now have an advanced resource for managing accelerating cyber threats and escalating compliance regulations thanks to 1st Quadrant Services, LLC, a brand-new venture created by AECOM and Conquest Cyber.

1st Quadrant Services brings together the industry-leading expertise of AECOM (the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm) and Conquest Cyber (the leader in adaptive and innovative risk management programs) to help give small and medium-sized defense contractors the tools, teams, and tech to abate risk, appease regulators, and actualize ROI.

Cyber threats continue to rise, but defensive capacity has not kept pace. Malicious cyber activity now costs the global economy an estimated $1 trillion annually. Meanwhile, related Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance regulations have challenged the 300,000 companies in the DIB and defense supply chain, many of which are small businesses lacking the resources, finances, and expertise needed to comply.

1st Quadrant Services helps those contractors overcome these challenges with its Secure Services Domain-as-a-Service (SSDaaS) solution, which offers:

  • Time savings. The controls and processes built into the fabric of the SSDaaS can help obtain up to 86% of CMMC Level 3 compliance quickly
  • Reduced cost and complexity through a shared licensing model that helps overcome the cost burden of CMMC compliance
  • World-class data protection by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure security toolsets and Conquest Cyber’s SCyOps offering
  • Automation powered by Conquest Cyber’s ARMED XDR solution, which reduces workload through intelligent workflows and provides real-time visibility into compliance
  • Return on investment through the evaluation of the cybersecurity environment and the identification of gaps between cyber maturity and industry compliance requirements, enabling companies to bid on revenue-boosting DoD contracts.

For more on how DIB contractors can ensure that they’re CMMC ready, visit


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