What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) acts as a trusted advisor to an organization and takes cyber hygiene and business continuity to a new level. MSSPs offer continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response to keep organizations one step ahead of cyber threats with a proactive approach.

Organizations have increasingly turned to MSSPs to oversee various aspects of their IT infrastructure and protect themselves from evolving cyber threats. This trend is reflected in the overall growth of the broader managed services market. By 2025, the forecast size of the managed service market worldwide is expected to exceed $356 billion compared to $231 billion forecasted in 2021.

MSSPs are a necessity for any organization, but especially for those in highly regulated industries such as the defense industrial base (DIB), finance, and healthcare. The need for a proper MSSP cannot be overstated when dealing with sensitive and secure data.


Why DIB Organizations Need an MSSP 

Improved cybersecurity maturity is necessary for all industries. However, it is absolutely essential for the DIB and other highly regulated industries. 

An MSSP provides access to qualified cybersecurity professionals dedicated to helping companies protect against the financial or reputational impact of data breaches and cyber-attacks. By partnering with a highly qualified MSSP, organizations will improve their cyber risk management, free up staff to work on mission-critical business objectives, and reduce the overall cost to maintain, monitor, and implement security processes and strategies.

Types of Managed Cybersecurity Services from MSSPs

For defense contractors, an MSSP can provide increased monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Some common types of services an MSSP can include:

  • Managed firewalls
  • Threat detection
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) services


MSSPs provide the aforementioned services and more through 24/7 services designed to achieve and maintain a superior cybersecurity maturity level.

MSSPs and CMMC Compliance

Any organization working on a DoD contract needs to have the appropriate CMMC compliance required for the project. This applies to all suppliers along the supply chain – including utilities and energy companies.


Navigate CMMC Compliance with an MSSP 

One of the best ways to prepare for CMMC audits is to partner with a managed security service provider (MSSP). MSSPs like Conquest Cyber are staffed with experienced cybersecurity professionals who keep up with the threat landscape and are uniquely equipped to help organizations navigate new regulations. CTA: Achieve Over 80% CMMC Compliance in Five Steps

Guide to CMMC Compliance for Utilities & Energy Companies.

The Department of Defense (DoD) published the interim rule requiring government contractors to have the appropriate Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for projects. In order to bid on and win DoD contracts, utility and energy companies must be CMMC compliant. Find out how Utilities & Energy Companies Can Master CMMC Compliance

Download the Guide to CMMC Compliance

MSSPs and SOC Services

Managing an organization’s security operations center (SOC) can feel like a daunting task. A SOC can require 24/7 monitoring to protect the organization from constant cyber attacks. Luckily, an MSSP can ease the burden on internal staff and take your SOC effectiveness to the next level.

For DIB organizations that require an added layer of protection, Conquest Cyber’s proprietary risk management software, ARMED™, features a SOC module tailored for their needs. The SOC module is the interface for the managed security services we provide, giving you a detailed visualization of what’s going on in your environment.

The SOC module of ARMED™ lets you view service levels and handle incidents in your environment through a comprehensive ticketing system. It gives you direct access to reporting, playbooks, communications plans, and categorized escalation to align asset criticality and service levels. You can also generate reports on the status of your environment tied to metrics and capabilities aligned to the specific services you are using.

Other highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance can gain visibility and achieve compliance faster with Strategic Cyber Operations SCyOps™ (Strategic Cyber Operations). This software focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise risk management. SCyOps™ enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cybersecurity controls.


As more industries are required to comply with standards like CMMC, some MSSPs are beginning to diversify and take their managed service offerings a layer deeper. That’s where a Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Provider (MCCP) comes in.

MCCPs provide a unique combination of services. Going beyond traditional SOC, threat detection, and incidence response services, MCCPs are specialized in navigating, achieving, and maintaining complex compliance standards like CMMC. This results in achieving and maintaining compliance 75% faster while elevating your overall security.

Remember, compliance is a stage, not a goal. Therefore, an ongoing relationship with a MCCP can ensure organizations are putting their best foot forward to achieve new levels of compliance and cybersecurity maturity.

The Conquest Cyber Advantage

At Conquest Cyber, our team of highly trained cybersecurity experts has extensive experience in providing MSSP services for highly regulated industries such as the DIB, healthcare, and finance. Conquest Cyber provides risk management, threat detection, and response services for these industries where the most sensitive information, data, and systems must be protected from growing cyber threats.

Through MSSP services, Cyber Risk Advisory, and Digital Transformation services, Conquest enables companies to defend against cyber adversaries, protect their environments, achieve and maintain compliance, and take on digital transformations safely. 

Learn more about Conquest Cyber’s Managed Security Services SOC.