What’s the Thin Digital Line?

There have been movements to support our military (Thin Green Line), law enforcement (Thin Blue Line), and firefighters (Thin Red Line). Heroes who dedicate their lives to the defense of others. As warfare has evolved, a new frontline has emerged, and the people who protect our very way of life from global threats through cyberspace need a symbol of their own. But they need more than a symbol. More than support. They need an ecosystem to generate a competitive edge against adversaries that are focused, sophisticated, and numerous. This is why we have created the Thin Digital Line. TDL symbolizes the new frontline in protecting critical infrastructure in our hyper-connected world by uniting U.S. cybersecurity, technology, risk, compliance and national security experts- the private and public sector professionals, emerging talent, vendors and customers – behind a shared purpose.

The Thin Digital Line initiative is not a platitude. It’s not a thank you for your service. It’s a call to action. We will be harnessing our collective expertise to add focus, collaboration, and energy to generate resiliency for the 400,000 organizations that make up our critical infrastructure ecosystem in the United States. Bringing together those diverse viewpoints, fostering a different type of engagement and collaboration is what the Thin Digital Line is all about.

-Jeff Engle

Mission Gear

Women’s TDL x TNF Apex Jacket

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A New Frontline for Freedom

Welcome to the Thin Digital Line Podcast, a podcast that explores cyberwarfare, business, and life from unconventional perspectives. The focus is real-world situations, issues, and stories that help connect the dots around what motivates humans to take on audacious challenges.

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