Managed Security Services

Ensure a secure and compliant IT environment with managed security services for highly-regulated organizations.​

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Managed security services for highly-regulated organizations.

As the number of endpoints increases, so does the level of risk your organization faces.

Cyber threats are becoming more numerous and hostile as the modern workplace depends more and more on remote access from mobile devices

For most growing businesses, the costs of staffing and managing an in-house IT security team are simply beyond budget. Those who can afford it are often faced with gaps in resources and skillsets necessary to fulfill every IT security requirement.

MSSPs offer continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response.

The shift to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) means Defense Industrial Base contractors need to meet CMMC and DFARS compliance or risk losing high-value contracts.


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Managed Security Services for Defense and Government

The nature of the defense industrial base makes them prime targets for cyberattacks, breaches, and information and identity theft.

Conquest Cyber and our partners are distinctly qualified to deliver Managed Security Services for defense and government-related industries. We specialize in regulations sensitive technical data, services, and articles for these highly demanding industries.

Managed Phishing Testing & Awareness Services

Conquest Cyber Managed Phishing Testing and Awareness Services combines continuous testing and training of users while satisfying regulatory compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, and GLBA.

Phishing and social engineering continue to be the easiest and most common way hackers are targeting organizations. We also know that most security teams are understaffed and overworked.

As a result, this critical function of continuous user training and testing falls to the bottom of the priority list.

Continuous Corporate Cybersecurity Training and Testing

Managed security services delivered through Conquest Cyber’s CSOC integrates threat intelligence and real-time attack profiles to provide continuous corporate training and testing. This can include:
  • Real-life Simulations: Regularly test users with fresh content to expose them to hacker tactics and techniques before they fall for the real event.
  • Custom schedules including a testing calendar based on the time of year, internal departments, industry attack scenarios, and other factors.
  • Phish alert button: Integrated into every user’s inbox to report suspicious emails to the security team.

Security compliance experts

Compliance goes beyond a legal and regulatory requirement. Compliance ensures your organization is running its most secure IT business practices, protecting your data and helping you maintain continuity while building resiliency to cyber threats.

At Conquest Cyber, we are certified experts in CUI, ITAR, HIPAA, FINRA, and DoD CMMC compliance. Our robust managed security services are design to help highly-regulated industries in the defense, healthcare, and finance meet and maintain high levels of compliance.

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Digtial business
Reduce Complexity
Turn technology noise into actionable events
Budgetary Concerns
Drive your security ROI and optimize budget use
Time to Detection
Reducing time to detection will not only improve your overall security posture, it will also protect the privacy of critical data.
24/7 Coverage
Conquest provides around-the-clock monitoring for threats and malicious activity across networks

Managed Security for Security Operations Centers

Get expert guidance and managed security services for your organization’s centralized SOC.

Conquest Cyber’s experience with cybersecurity across industries makes us a reliable partner for businesses that need adaptability and scalability from their partners and solutions.

Run secure, run compliant, run successfully.

We help keep companies in high-risk environments safe.


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