Software that protects your dynamic business environment and gives you a real-time view into security controls, compliance, and threats.


Strategic Cyber Operations (SCyOps™) is a cybersecurity solution designed for highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance. These sectors face complex compliance challenges and are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats that target confidential data.

SCyOps™ focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise-risk management software. It enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cyber security controls.

Designed to add extra layers of security—including detection, isolation, remediation, and process design to Microsoft solutions—SCyOps™ software creates radical transparency into the cyber risk environment for leadership and technical teams and ensures compliance, maturity, and effectiveness against threats.

What is the interim rule and how will it affect defense contractors?

The Interim Rule requires DoD government contractors to possess at least a basic NIST SP-800-171 DoD Assessment that is no more than three years old at the time of the award. These changes are required by November 30th, which means companies need to:

  • Complete the DoD assessment through the DCMA
  • Post their summary scores to the DoD
  • Achieve and maintain a CMMC certification at the level specified in a solicitation at the time of the award