Adversary Simulation

A risk validation module for gauging industry-specific threat scenarios.

Measure and validate cyber security effectiveness

Adversary Simulation is our risk validation module that aligns general threat scenarios against controls to determine how effective they will be. This will help you validate the future effectiveness of your cyber risk management program. It will also help you identify gaps and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed and which controls are best suited for the task.
Adversary Simulation also includes an advanced framework (ITP) that can be tailored to meet the specific design basis of threats that your industry faces. With high-end threat modeling, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your cyber risk management program against highly-specific scenarios that are unique to your industry or sector.

Adversary Simulation has two frameworks:

RT, which includes:

  • Repository of threat scenarios with automation
  • Ability to run threat scenarios non-intrusively against your cyber risk management program

ITP, which includes all of the above, plus:

  • High-end threat modeling
  • Real time validation
  • Validation of known and emerging threats


Adversary Simulation is activated from IO


Adversary Simulation is available for a monthly access fee in Basic or Advanced versions.


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Validate your cyber risk management program.

Become a more secure organization.