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IT Service Providers can immediately expand their sales and security solutions as an independent reseller of our products and managed security services. Conquest Cyber specializes in serving the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), financial, and healthcare industries. With Conquest Cyber as a partner, you can expand your portfolio of services while enabling your clients to meet and maintain complex compliance standards, build resilient cyber risk programs, and address cybersecurity with real-time threat detection and automation tools.



Serving the most critical sectors in the world. Ensuring Cyber Resiliency.


Conquest Cyber’s specialized and in-depth knowledge within the DIB, healthcare, and finance industries enables you to expand your cybersecurity and compliance offerings faster and with confidence that they will be backed by a company with a solid understanding of the highly regulated environments that your clients operate in. We address the unique and changing needs of these industries while providing the cybersecurity services your clients need. Conquest Cyber carefully vets, onboards, and enables our partners to ensure that we complement your business and fit your clients’ needs.


Why Partner



Conquest Cyber partners with companies that provide IT services and products to their clients within highly regulated industries. Partner companies that can benefit include:

Managed Service Providers (MSP)s

IT Consultants


Digital Forensics Companies

Incident Response Companies

Microsoft Partners Selling GCC High

Cyber Risk Software


Conquest Cyber’s proprietary cyber risk management software, SCyOps™, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to effectively manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts in accordance with industry compliance requirements.

This enables security professionals to make data-backed decisions based on real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service.

SCyOps™ enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for key stakeholders and technical teams alike.


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