Conquest Cyber & Microsoft Security Synergy

Conquest Cyber is a Microsoft Gold Competency and FastTrack Ready Partner with software designed specifically to work with Microsoft Security solutions. We add significant additional layers of detection, isolation, remediation and process design.

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Conquest Cyber is a pure-play cybersecurity firm focused on enabling digital transformation by leveraging cloud technologies.

We specialize in serving highly regulated industries such as the Defense Industrial Base, financial services, and healthcare. We support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their digital transformation journey by providing cyber risk management support, radical transparency into the effectiveness of their  cybersecurity programs, and deep insights into the necessary technological and administrative controls needed to effectively implement cloud-rich enterprise architecture.

At Conquest, we remove the complexity and simplify the end-user experience through M365 and our Strategic Cyber Operations (SCyOps) and ARMED software solutions. We configure our clients’ environments to fully integrate the latest detection and response solutions, which allows for the detection of malicious activities and other breach indicators.

Through Microsoft’s Security Stack, we configure all new attack vectors and protocols. In turn, we are able to detect potential incidents in our clients’ technology ecosystems. Our software combines unique, patent-pending professional services and technology that supports, enhances and adds to Microsoft Security Solutions and Sentinel.


Who Conquest Cyber Serves:

Key Capabilities:

  • Restrict access to data from Other Country Nationals (OCNs) with Microsoft Information Protection and Defender products
  • Provide managed services that can support customers as they staff up their teams
  • Develop Proof of Concepts to demonstrate the secure access to Office 365 Productivity Workloads in a GCC High environment
  • Help customers evaluate the necessary requirements to meet the technical requirements for CMMC Level 3 or higher
  • Conduct Discovery & Assessments for customers with our findings, recommendations, and alternatives analysis
  • Use Microsoft PIE funding to invest in the Discovery & Assessment engagement at a low cost
  • Provide a Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment Analysis

Using Conquest Cyber & Microsoft Security Solutions


Replace up to 26 security vendors with Conquest software in addition to Microsoft 365 E5 Security
Gain a partner that is familiar with your Microsoft environment and security product usage
Consolidate capabilities, reduce cost, and gain efficiencies
Work with professionals that have experience and in-depth knowledge around complex compliance regulations

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