Cyber Security for

Manufacturing Sectors

Manufacturing Companies

are quickly becoming the target of cyber attacks.


Manufacturing was the most attacked industry in 2020. Cyber adversaries prey on vulnerabilities in the industrial control systems (ICS) that manufacturing strongly depends on to operate.


Meet CMMC Compliance Requirements - Gain the Competitive Edge


Unsure how to leverage cloud technology without compromising data privacy and CMMC or DFARS compliance? Conquest specializes in navigating regulations for sensitive technical data, services, and articles and is uniquely suited to support your transition.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Operational transparency is key to making data-based decisions that lead to business growth. With our proprietary cyber risk management software ARMED™, Conquest uses sensors to provide real-time visibility into security controls, events, and levels of services, enabling our team to identify remediation strategies for any gaps found.

Protect Against Cyber Attacks

A cyber attack can be detrimental to the bottom line, growth, and reputation of your company. At Conquest, our team is hard at work evaluating probability, gauging impact, and taking preventive action to protect against potential threats proactively.

Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Standards

Industry requirements, compliance certifications, and security threats are constantly evolving. Work with an MSSP that keeps its finger on the pulse of the defense industrial base. Our real-time monitoring and assessments keep organizations up to date on ever-changing industry requirements, certifications, and cyber threats.


Achieve Over 80% Of CMMC Compliance Requirements with ARMED ATK and Managed Security Services.

Conquest leverages advanced analytics technology and industry expertise to help companies achieve CMMC compliance.


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