Cyber Security for

Manufacturing Sectors

Manufacturing Companies

are quickly becoming the target of cyber attacks.


Manufacturing was the most attacked industry in 2020. Cyber adversaries prey on vulnerabilities in the industrial control systems (ICS) that manufacturing strongly depends on to operate.



Stay Ahead of Risks, Regulations, and Rivals with Conquest’s SCyOps™ Software


Protect Onsite, in the Cloud, and Industry 4.0 Technologies

Industry 4.0 technology and the global shift to digitization are rising, resulting in an increased threat surface. Using SCyOps™ in the critical manufacturing sector focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise risk management software. Assess the impact of new technologies and service solutions on security before you invest.

Go Beyond Compliance Standards & Best Practices

Managing industry compliance standards (such as ISO) and adhering to best practices are simply the start. SCyOps™ enables manufacturing companies to efficiently achieve cyber maturity, compliance control drift identification, and comprehensive monitoring to achieve and maintain adequate security without burdening your staff.

Defend Against Bad Actors

The high propensity for manufacturing companies to be the target of cyber attacks enforces the need to adopt a risk-based cybersecurity approach. SCyOps™ enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cybersecurity controls and creates a more resilient cyber risk program to help overcome cyber attacks against manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Keep the Supply Chain Moving

As part of the critical supply chain, cybersecurity for manufacturing must be at the forefront for organizations. Manufacturers must bolster their cybersecurity efforts beyond compliance standards and best practices to avoid disruption and downtime. Conquest’s SCyOps™ software is a cybersecurity solution designed for critical industries and their highly valuable systems and data associated with them.

Cyber Risk Software


Conquest’s proprietary cyber risk management software, SCyOps™, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts following industry compliance requirements effectively.

SCyOps™ enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for critical stakeholders and technical teams alike.


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