Healthcare Providers Need an Ally

Nearly 240 million attempted cybercrime attacks target healthcare alone in a single year (1), leaving at risk everything from patient safety and physician resources to data protection and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. And the threat is growing. The right resources from cybersecurity experts can maintain the health of your people and operations.

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Sustain Compliance, Stay Competitive

Guard Against Intrusions & Hacks

Cyberattacks put urgent and highly sensitive data at risk. Conquest’s SCyOps™ Health is a cybersecurity solution designed for the highly regulated healthcare industry and its interconnected web of health, personal, and financial information.

Recognize Threats, React in Real Time

The best time to deal with a threat is before it ever evolves into an attack. Reports show recovery costs doubled without a preemptive investment in needed security (2). SCyOps™ Health enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cybersecurity controls and the creation of a more resilient cyber risk program.

Maximize Cloud & Partners Safely

The future of healthcare is in cloud technology, and the present relies on an ever-growing patchwork of external partners. SCyOps™ Health focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise-risk management software to provide immediate evaluation, validation and corrective action across multi-tiered organizations. Assess the impact of new technologies and service solutions on operational maturity and compliance before you make the investment.

Keep Ahead of Industry Standards & Regulations

It’s a challenge to manage compliance regulations like HIPAA even without criminal threats. SCyOps™ Health enables the rapid development of cyber operational maturity, compliance control drift identification, and comprehensive monitoring to ensure security and compliance with minimal administrative burden.


Use Our Technology & Talent to Focus On What You Do Best

Our team of experts has vast experience in navigating complex industries such as the Defense Industrial Base and other critical infrastructure sectors. SCyOps™ Health takes that experience and focuses it on the highly regulated healthcare industry to ensure compliance, maturity, and effectiveness against threats by creating radical transparency into the cyber risk environment for leadership and technical teams.

In turn, that unlocks the medical and business potential that you possess by allowing you to keep your focus on improving health outcomes and opportunities while protecting your records, resources, and reach within your healthcare system.

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