Cyber Security for

Financial Services

Financial services cybersecurity


Nearly two-thirds of financial services companies experienced a cyber attack in 2020. Despite compliance standards and cybersecurity requirements for financial services companies, cyber attacks against financial institutions have become a favorite for cyber criminals.



Go Beyond Compliance Standards and Beat the Competition with Conquest’s SCyOps™ and a Risk-Based Approach


Protect Onsite, in the Cloud, and Beyond

Technology and other global trends are shifting toward a dispersed network spanning time zones and borders. SCyOps™ Finance focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise risk management software to provide immediate evaluation, validation, and corrective action across multi-tiered organizations. Assess the impact of new technologies and service solutions on operational maturity and compliance before you invest.

Stay a Step Ahead of Bad Actors

Risk-based cybersecurity requires a proactive, unconventional approach. The effects of cyber attacks on financial institutions are among the worst for any industry. Cyber attacks cost financial institutions 75% more than other sectors. Simply put, financial institutions can’t afford to gamble on ‘if’ an attack will occur. Instead, the question is ‘when.’ SCyOps™ enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cybersecurity controls and creating a more resilient cyber risk program.

Guard Your Assets

Cyber attacks against financial institutions pose a massive risk for the average person. Life savings and personal information require the appropriate defense. Conquest’s SCyOps™ software is a cybersecurity solution designed for the highly regulated finance industry and the highly valuable and sensitive data associated with it.

Don’t Stop at Compliance Standards

Managing industry compliance such as FFIEC and FINRA is simply the start. SCyOps™ enables organizations to rapidly and efficiently achieve cyber maturity, compliance control drift identification, and comprehensive monitoring to achieve and maintain compliance without burdening your staff.

Cyber Risk Software


Conquest Cyber’s proprietary cyber risk management software, SCyOps™, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts following industry compliance requirements effectively.

SCyOps™ enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for critical stakeholders and technical teams alike.


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