Cyber Security for

Energy Sectors

The U.S. Department of Energy

declared that the “energy infrastructure and digital supply chain present a key target for cyber compromise”


and that cyber threats’ “frequency and sophistication” increase. In fact, as of 2019, the energy sector became the most targeted industry for cyber attacks. Our cybersecurity experts can give you the right resources so you can maintain your power and control over your grid and facilities.



Stay Ahead of Risks, Regulations, and Rivals with Conquest’s SCyOps™ Software


Keep the Lights On and Intruders Out

Cyber attacks put at risk your ability to power the necessary instruments and institutions that society needs to function. Conquest’s Strategic Cyber Operations (SCyOps™) is a cybersecurity solution designed for critical infrastructure that lacks any margin of error like utilities and the energy sector.

Real-Time View, Ahead-of-Time Deterrence

A crippling cyber attack against a utility can be devastating to every corner of a community, so preemption means everything. SCyOps™ enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for enterprise-level cybersecurity controls and creating a more resilient cyber risk program.

Maintain Safety On-Site and Off

The energy sector has many geographical challenges, increasingly interconnected and interdependent across multiple states, companies, and sectors. SCyOps™ focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services, and enterprise risk management software across multi-tiered organizations.

Evolve with Increasing Oversight

As cyber criminals target the energy sector, new regulations follow. SCyOps™ enables the rapid development of cyber operational maturity, compliance drift control monitoring, and comprehensive monitoring to ensure security and compliance with minimal administrative burden.

Cyber Risk Software


Conquest’s proprietary cyber risk management software, SCyOps™, allows organizations in highly regulated industries to manage and monitor cybersecurity efforts following industry compliance requirements effectively.

Cyber Risk Software enables security professionals to make data-backed decisions based on real-time visibility of security controls, events, and service levels.

SCyOps™ enables radical operational transparency, providing mission-critical data that is centrally available and easily consumable for critical stakeholders and technical teams alike.


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