Why Have A Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Insights

As DIB companies navigate increased regulations and cybersecurity threats, they should turn to cybersecurity, managed security service providers (MSSPs) as trusted advisors. 

What is an MSSP?

Similar to a managed service provider (MSP), an MSSP acts as a trusted advisor to your organization and takes cyber hygiene and business continuity to a new level. MSSPs offer continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response to keep organizations one step ahead of cyber threats with a proactive approach.

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MSSPs in the Defense Industrial Base

An MSSP is imperative for organizations looking to improve their cyber maturity and go further than simply meeting DFARS compliance or CMMC regulations. The need increases exponentially for organizations in highly regulated industries such as the defense industrial base (DIB), finance, and healthcare.

Cybersecurity managed service providers can provide access to qualified cybersecurity professionals. These professionals are dedicated to helping companies protect against the financial or reputational impact of data breaches and cyberattacks. MSSPs can improve cyber risk management, free up staff to work on mission-critical business objectives, and reduce the overall costs to maintain, monitor, and implement security processes and strategies.

Why You Need an MSSP

An MSSP builds on the successful foundation of managed services and takes them a step further. An effective MSSP combines the service offerings of technology maintenance, security operations, and delivery platforms. 

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Improve Compliance and Stay Ahead of Threats with an MSSP 

Whether you are dealing with CMMC compliance or another industry-specific regulation, the increasing complexity, and evolving regulations may be difficult to navigate and understand on your own. An effective MSSP features a talented and experienced staff of professionals equipped to help your organization achieve compliance more effectively than you imagined.


As more industries are required to comply with standards like CMMC, some MSSPs are beginning to diversify and take their managed service offerings a layer deeper. That’s where a Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Provider (MCCP) comes in.

An MCCP provides a unique combination of services. Going beyond traditional SOC, threat detection, and incidence response services, MCCPs are specialized in navigating, achieving, and maintaining complex compliance standards like CMMC. This results in achieving and maintaining compliance 75% faster while elevating your overall security. Learn More

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Conquest Cyber’s Managed Security Services

Conquest Cyber’s team of cybersecurity experts has extensive experience in providing MSSP services for highly regulated industries such as the DIB, healthcare, and finance. We go beyond regular security services and can work with your existing security and IT providers to give you more visibility into your systems and provide comprehensive risk management, threat detection, and response services for these industries where the most sensitive information, data, and systems must be protected from growing cyber threats.

Discover Conquest Cyber’s Managed Security Services

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