National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020: The ‘Why’ Behind Building a Cybersecurity Strategy

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Insights

Although it’s important to focus on what we do at Conquest Cyber and how we do it, it’s crucial that we never lose sight of the why factor. For us, this factor addresses societal issues that are much larger than just your average phishing scam. This is how we #DoOurPart. Helping our clients build an adaptable and resilient cybersecurity strategy.

At Conquest, we specialize in serving organizations in highly regulated industries through managed security and cyber risk advisory services. These organizations are often required to meet ever-changing industry requirements, all while remaining compliant.

Achieving and maintaining compliance requires dedicated resources to stay abreast of regulatory developments, evolving security threats, and educating the executive team on potential security problems. Since these organizations hold extremely sensitive data from the work they do, they are a prime target to cyber criminals worldwide.

The Why Behind Conquest Cyber

The driving force behind what Conquest does is the ongoing battle that the United States is facing with foreign nefarious actors that are trying to inflict collateral damage and hack into our systems to steal sensitive information, military data, intellectual property. Not only can these cybercriminals potentially gain access to classified information; they can use this information to alter or disable essential infrastructure which could then lead to devastating outcomes.

These cybercriminals, terrorists, and geopolitical adversaries pose a tremendous threat to our country and it is Conquest’s mission to do everything in our power to prevent them from crippling our nation in any way. This cyber warfare has been an ongoing issue that the U.S. faces and this issue will only progress as the nature of our technology evolves.

Some sectors of the United States government have already begun to take drastic measures to ensure the security of our nation. One example is that of the U.S. Department of Defense requiring contractors to adhere to CMMC compliance.

Subjecting every contractor to strict cybersecurity requirements ensures only the best cybersecurity posture for our government and takes a step toward preventing nefarious actors from hacking our systems via third party networks.

Conquest’s innovations are addressing these societal issues by combating cyberwarfare with ARMED™. When organizations leverage ARMED™ and Conquest’s managed security services, they are doing their part in enforcing national security and protecting their cyberspace.

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Streamline Your Cybersecurity

By leveraging ARMED™, organizations can replace up to 28 different vendor solutions, saving time, money, and avoiding significant administrative burden. When organizations have as many as 28 solutions, they are spending a tremendous amount of time and money on an attempt to improve their cyber maturity. By consolidating many security controls and solutions into one software and tailoring to the needs of different organizations, ARMED™ removes much of the burden of becoming and remaining compliant.

As our software enhances security and helps organizations achieve compliance, it also allows companies to gain a competitive edge. Along with saving organizations money, ARMED™ also boosts revenue by enabling them to win higher value contracts with their heightened level of cyber maturity.

We hope that we can encourage and empower others to do their part in ensuring our national security. Participate in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by #BeingCyberSmart and staying safe online, whether it be at home, work, school, or wherever you may be!

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