What You Should Know About CMMC

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Insights

Is your organization CMMC ready? CMMC enables companies to be able to compete for DoD contracts at a level which will be required to win in the upcoming years. This certification will serve as a verification method to ensure that the appropriate levels of cybersecurity practices and processes to protect CUI that resides on the Department’s industry partners’ networks are met.

In order to obtain CMMC, an organization must be audited. The DoD has issued a timeline as to when these requirements will commence. Starting in Q3 of 2020 third party auditors will begin applying to be authorized to assess compliance with this new requirement. In Q4 of 2020, bidders will go through audits and by 2021 the DoD will be enforcing the CMMC requirement for all contractors.

Is your organization’s cybersecurity up to par with the DoD’s requirements? If you are just getting started on prepping for CMMC, it may take at least six months to achieve a high level. Ramping up your cybersecurity will be costly but there is a competitive advantage to having this certification which allows your organization to quickly see a ROI once certified as it will be able to win contracts.

Hiring a specialist to assist your organization in achieving a high level CMMC is crucial in avoiding any confusion and wasted time. As industry experts here at Conquest, we assist with the green field environment to Microsoft Office 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCCH) to ensure all security controls are met.

Alongside with performing assessments, we utilize tools such as our proprietary ARMED™ interface for cyber risk management, which serves as a hub for each of our unique modules in the series. ARMED™ gives you a single, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor your entire cyber risk management program with real-time visibility of security controls. The ARMED™ platform provides a deep understanding of the CMMC components and is customized to meet your essential compliance needs for upcoming projects to do business with the DoD.

Get ahead of the curve and obtain certification early as there is more of an advantage to the first organizations that attain CMMC. Maximize productivity by allowing us to handle the process in getting CMMC compliant. By utilizing ARMED™ as a business solution, your organization can become compliant in as little as 90 days, reducing expenses, complexity, and valuable time!


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