Achieving Level 4 CMMC with ARMED™ and Microsoft GCC High

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Case Studies, Insights

As Department of Defense contractors are mindful of the new cybersecurity requirements being imposed by DoD, it is important that they stay ahead of the game and get CMMC ready!

Recently, we were able to enable one of our major Defense Industrial Base customers targeted at CMMC level 4 to move to a secure, managed cloud environment with our Managed Security Service, ARMED™ software suite, and Microsoft GCC High.

This approach improved service quality, positively impacted cyber maturity, and reduced the total cost of ownership while getting them ready for the impending CMMC assessments.

Defense Industrial Base Customer Success Story

The Challenge: Achieving A Higher Level of CMMC Compliance

Our client is a large defense industry base contractor with over 15,000 employees worldwide and clientele that includes the DoD, civilian agencies, and the intelligence community.  The main goal was achieving a higher level of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A high CMMC rating would make it easier to compete for upper-level contracts and allow them to protect existing contracts. The higher level of CMMC would also support mission-critical infrastructure and collaboration needs to modernize infrastructure and empower users to collaborate more effectively and securely.

The Solution: Combining ARMED™ & Microsoft GCC High

As mentioned in our previous blog post, “How CMMC Can Give You A Competitive Edge,” the ARMED™ product suite can help you get Level 4 and 5 CMMC certified. By partnering with Microsoft and utilizing the Government Community Cloud along with our ARMED™ product suite, we helped our client modernize their critical infrastructure and prepare for a higher level CMMC.

Using the ARMED™ portal as their business solution, our customer was allowed access to continuously monitor and manage third-party vendors’ cyber maturity to more effectively understand their security, particularly on the ARMED™ Overwatch Module. Our client was also able to monitor their progress and break down regulations to see workflows in their CMMC progress.

As a result, our client made a five-year commitment to using M365 GCCH as their productivity, intelligent communications, and ARMED™ for their security platform, D365 GCC High as their CRM, and AzureGov as their modern datacenter.

ARMED™: Adaptive Risk Management Executive Dashboard

Gain complete visibility of your security status with ARMED™

The ARMED™ is a single, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor your entire cyber risk management program with real-time visibility of security controls. Enable radical transparency that is centrally available and easily consumable for members of leadership and technical teams.

Learn More about Achieving DFARS Compliance

Through ARMED™ you can:

  • Gain real-time visibility of security controls, events, and levels of service;
  • Spot and drill down into any issue in your cyber risk management program;
  • Identify remediation strategies for any issue found.

Connect with our team to enable control over your cyber risk management program.


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