Who is Conquest Cyber?

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Insights

Digital Transformation: Secured. Here’s how it all started at Conquest


For over a decade Conquest Cyber has been on the cutting edge of digital transformation. Originally known as ConQuest Technology Services Corp, a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we have enhanced our capabilities to address the most pressing challenges through our Managed Security Services (MSS) and our proprietary Adaptive Risk Management Executive Dashboard (ARMED™).

This change was prompted in 2017 when we were acquired by United Data Technologies (UDT) to strengthen their ability to meet growing demands for seamless cloud solutions, and digital transformation strategies.

Now, as Conquest Cyber a cybersecurity and risk management partner, we are bringing together all our experience to address digital transformation, security, and technology lifecycle management for highly regulated industries.

This includes Fortune 100, financial services, critical infrastructure, the federal government, and the industrial base that supports them.

What Sets Conquest Apart?

Cybersecurity Expertise

Through the years we have received many awards and certifications including Top 10 US Azure Deployment Partners, Microsoft US Managed Gold Partner for 12+ Years, and Top Minority Business Award to name a few.

Wide Range of Cybersecurity Offerings & Resources

We offer a range of consultation services, solutions, and a variety of cyber risk management products and Microsoft training for our clientele, including major companies such as Carnival Cruises, AutoNation, Marriott Hotels, and more.

We have a deep pool of resources that cover the cybersecurity, cloud, and digital transformation spectrum, including a bench of more than 50 consultants, engineers, and solutions architects.

Robust Adaptive Risk Management Executive Dashboard

ARMED™ is Conquest’s proprietary interface for cyber risk management, which serves as a hub for each of our unique modules in the series.

A.R.M.E.D.™ gives you a single, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor your entire cyber risk management program with real-time visibility of security controls. Enable radical transparency that is centrally available and easily consumable for members of leadership and technical teams.

Our Robust Cybersecurity Services

  • Digital Transformation: Unlock business potential while meeting industry standards for data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.
  • Cyber Risk Advisory: Understand IT risk and learn to deal with threats before they become attacks.
  • Managed Security: Run a secure and compliant IT environment; efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are here to identify risks, protect systems, networks, and data, and detect insider and external threats. In case the inevitable occurs, Conquest Cyber collaboratively developed cyber risk management strategies enabling response and recovery operations to commence; protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data.

Connect with our experts to learn how Conquest Cyber can help build, fortify, and manage your cybersecurity program to reduce risk, meet regulatory compliance, and streamline security processes.

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