Government Organization Strategic Planning Facilitation

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Case Studies

We facilitate strategic planning sessions in order to help companies improve their communication and response plans.  We review and analyze existing plans, gather information from various sources throughout the organization about the existing plans and how they can be improved, and present the results of the analysis to the company along with recommendations of how to improve their plans and implement them strategically.

The Client

Our client is a government organization dealing with regional communications. They wanted to develop a strategic plan that would help them become more proactive in communications when responding to incidents affecting their region.

The Challenge

The client needed assistance to develop a new “bottom up” strategic plan to reduce the sense of “reactive” responses.

The Solution

We empowered the client to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan for regional staff using our facilitation toolkit for the three phases before, during, and after the facilitation.

  • In the pre-planning phase, we reviewed and analyzed the client’s strategic planning content as well as best practices with respect to communications strategic plans. We reviewed and analyzed existing survey results, consulting reports, guidance documents, and other assets identifying gaps between current and future strategic direction, including the current draft business/operating model for the organization.
  • We supplemented document reviews by interviewing leadership stakeholders from each of the five separate organizational functions represented by the client, actively engaging stakeholders from all key parts of the organization to ensure full context.
  • We designed an activity-based approach to source strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities directly from staff, management, and leadership and conducted an event to gather information from stakeholders.
  • We used pre-meeting research and extensive planning to ensure the conceptual and logical framework was ready to guide stakeholders through the actual facilitation.
  • We prepared checklists, conducted a walkthrough, and performed multiple checks to ensure an extremely high level of quality control for the event execution, ensuring nothing would distract from the core event activities.
  • During the event, we led and ensured forward progress through the structured meeting agenda, guiding participants through criteria-based analytical exercises to understand problems and establish goals, objectives, and related strategies for accomplishment.
  • After the event, we used detailed documentation to produce a report that empowered the organization to improve its own capacity within its organizational context.

The Results

This successful strategic planning facilitation demonstrated the three-phase approach using specific knowledge, tools, and methods that also supported effective exercise facilitation.

  • We used a rigorous, analytical facilitation methodology to ensure that the outcomes provided the client with high-quality, carefully documented information and analysis to support lasting change.
  • The final product was a 6-goal strategy, with aligned objectives and implementation strategies that would be effective for guiding and coordinating the efforts of the communications division at the regional office.


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